For me, breakfast is always a drag to find the time to fit in to a busy day and I’m the sort of person that doesn’t feel like ‘eating’ first thing in the morning. Omnisuperfood is great in this respect. I can easily and quickly make it before I leave home, keep it my on my desk and it keeps me fully satisfied right up to lunch time. It stops me reaching for those mid-morning (naughty) snack cravings, which can only be a good thing!

It tastes good too and you can add any different organic fruit to keep the flavour interesting. I swap fruits and juice/coconut water around so I do not get tired of the taste. It definitely assisted with my digestive system (in a good way!) and relieved bloating too. All in all, a great addition to your regular exercise and well-being regime. Give it a go – you’ll see the benefits of it quickly.

Ondrej Matej